As you can see a sidewalk would have a considerable impact on the trees and landscaping on some property.  Sidewalk construction would most likely cause trees within a close proximity to die or be severely damaged.


Also one board member took a drive down St. Andrews and Lake Forest with commentary on number of trees that would have to be removed at the homeowner’s expense. Click below to ride along with Pat Henry.

The Civic Group also captured pictures of sidewalk installation in Village Acres.  Notably, the sidewalk comes into the yards more than 12 feet and there is a concrete driveway to the sidewalk edge before gravel driveways begin in at least two pictures.  Click on picture to enlarge.


Homeowners are encouraged to examine the impact to their front yards.  If the sidewalk comes in 12 or 15 feet, what does that look like?  And, what’s your estimate of your individual expense to remove and relocate trees and landscaping?






And, don’t hesitate to share your views with the Village Council.

Nancy Fiorillo

John Cashion

Claire Berggren

John Bouldry  

Clark Campbell




Sidewalks – Pinehurst Lake District​

As many of you know, the Village conducted a survey on adding streetlights and sidewalks to the Lake Pinehurst area and held a public meeting on April 13th. 


Sidewalks dominated the conversation during the two and a half hour meeting with passionate views shared on both sides of the issue.  You can view the meeting video featuring the survey presentation and the public dialogue by clicking here.  []


PRO sidewalk comments included safety for exercising, aggregating school bus pickup points to reduce duration of bus rides.  However, even among those who favored sidewalks, many objected to concrete and suggested exploring alternative mediums such as the gravel paths found on the trail system in Pinehurst or a widening of the road by 4 to 5 feet to allow both a bicycle lane and safer pedestrian walkway.   


CON sidewalk comments included addition of impervious areas and resulting water management problems, loss of natural beauty and tree canopy, creating a more unattractive “urban” environment, loss and expense of removing front yard landscaping and irrigation, plus potential liability for the sidewalk.


Two Pinehurst Civic Group board members went to a home on St. Andrews and enclosed the landscaping that would be lost with the addition of sidewalks.  You can see the result.  Click on picture to enlarge.


Also pictures of the area in front of some homes along St Andrews and Lake Forest Drive with sidewalks superimposed on the pictures are shown below to better understand the result


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