Candidate Profiles for Pinehurst Village Council ​Election Nov 7th​

Below you will find links to the profiles of candidates who will be on the ballot on November 7, 2017 for
Pinehurst Village Council election. There are two open seats, and there will be eight candidates on the ballot.


The Pinehurst Civic Group solicited short profiles from the candidates in a standard format and the responses we received are below. Click on the name of the candidate and it will open up the profile for your review. All the profiles are in the same format and as the candidates submitted them. You are encouraged to also visit the candidate’s web site which is noted in the profile (where applicable) for more detailed information on the candidate and their position on issues affecting the Village.

This is an important election and your careful consideration of who will be on the Village Council is
important to the future of Pinehurst.​


Claire Berggren >

Bart Boudreaux >

Judy Davis >

Kevin Drum >

Collett Kolinski >

Tony Price >


Profiles for the following candidates are not available at this time






Non-partisan advocates for an informed

and involved citizenry.