Events: This committee will be responsible for designing and staging the four or five events we plan to have. They will be similar to the Expo, Forum, Debate and Annual meetings we hosted this year. 


Membership: This committee will be charged with continuing the growth in membership.  The committee is starting to meet to discuss ideas for increasing our presence and voice within the many neighborhoods of the Village. Our mantra of to inform and to involve dictates that we have even a larger base of members.


Communications:  This committee will focus on keeping our members abreast of what is current in the Village and the County that may impact us.  We want to be sure we are communicating what you care about and in as much detail as we can without overdoing it- a delicate balancing act.


Issues:  This committee will be staying on top of the various issues facing the Village- many of which were raised during the recent election.  Water, traffic, development, tax rates are only the start of the things that this committee will be focused on.



Pinehurst Civic Group members are welcome, and indeed, encouraged to become a member of any committee in which they have an interest. Please email Joanne Valdes at for information on becoming a committee volunteer.


Standing Committees

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