The Pinehurst Civic Group has been serving the community and striving to preserve the unique character of Pinehurst since 1977.

Originally formed as an ad hoc group of civic-minded Pinehurst residents, its purpose was to be “an effective influence in supporting projects which are necessary in order to accomplish maximum benefits for our community.” In its early history, the Pinehurst Civic Group also had a political nature that provided a forum for political issue discussion, raised community awareness, and endorsed candidates for election.


Following its incorporation as a non-profit organization in 1989, the Pinehurst Civic Group abandoned its political action committee function in favor of broader purposes. These purposes are to:


  • Represent the Views and Values of Pinehurst Citizens,
  • Protect the Beauty and History of the Area, and
  • Enhance the Quality of Life They Represent


Frequent communication occurs via email to share routine news such as the Village Council agenda or noteworthy events such as public meetings held by the NC Department of Transportation.


At the Annual Meeting, a keynote speaker remarks on current topics such as school board funding and Distinguished Citizen Service Award recipients are named.  In election years, Candidate Forums feature Mayor or Village Council contenders. 





Non-partisan advocates for an informed

and involved citizenry.